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Empty Sea Studios presents live radio broadcasts of storytelling and music beginning tonight

Empty Sea Studios, 6300 Phinney Ave. N., is starting a new program of live radio broadcasts, called Rain City Tales & Tunes. Tonight’s program, called “You Win Some, You Lose Some,” features storyteller Willie Weir, musician Colin Isler, and hostess Auntmama. The June 22 show features storyteller Kathya Alexander and singer/songwriter Ali Marcus, plus Auntmama.
Owner Michael Connelly says the shows will be recorded, and they are being considered by major radio stations for air-play.
Tickets are $9 in advance or $12 at the door.
From Empty Sea Studios:

Rain City Tales & Tunes is a brand-new radio show which brings the Northwest’s best storytellers and musicians together onstage. Taped in front of a live audience at Empty Sea, the show features acoustic music and tale-telling. Each episode features a unique theme, and audience members are invited to volunteer for the storytelling spotlight.
Seattle native Colin Isler began playing music before he could read. As a 4 year-old Colin’s cello was almost larger than him, but as he grew older, and taller, his love for music also grew, prompting him to learn the guitar and harmonica. Over the years Colin has performed and recorded a wide variety of music, from post rock to classical, with many different Seattle groups including The Head and the Heart, Post Harbor, Conrad Ford, Rebels & Scientists, and The Tallest Building in the World.
Most recently you can find him playing and singing with The Washover Fans, an American roots and folk group who released their debut album in May 2011. Colin, partnered with engineer and producer Steve Aguilar, co-owns and manages Bearhead Studio which recently relocated to a new recording and mixing space in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. When Colin is not making music he designs circuits and professional audio equipment.
Willie Weir has played the fools of Shakespeare and the nerds of musical comedy. He has worked as an actor, columnist, commentator, photographer, truck driver, bike courier, public speaker and tour guide.
He’s broken a couple of world records and way too many dishes. He has lived in Seattle for 25 years and lived in a billboard for 32 days. He’s received a couple of awards, but has thrown away all of his trophies. His wife’s name is Kat. His cat’s name is Deeter. He’s written two books (*Spokesongs* and *Travels with Willie*) and read a few more than that.
Named Auntmama by a nephew of choice, Mary Anne Moorman gathers audiences up in her blend of music, and storied southern lore. Her voice is a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains at dusk, rolling and misted sweet. These stories are conversations with memory as well as with the audience that’s enjoying them.