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St. John School principal retiring in July

Agnes Jacobson, who has been principal of St. John School in Greenwood for 12 years, is retiring in July.

Mrs. Jacobson’s tremendous impact is reflected in the many enrichment programs in art, music, and drama added during her tenure. Mrs. Jacobson’s commitment to students and academic rigor has fostered an enrollment increase of more than 100 students in the past 10 years. Under her leadership the school gained a modern science lab, enhanced art and music space, a full-time learning specialist, and received accolades from accrediting institutions. She added programs to meet both the academic and artistic needs of students including an accelerated math option, two choirs, and a middle school drama program. Her tremendous faith and commitment to providing students and families with a foundation for moral development was a hallmark of her tenure. In 2002 she was recognized nationally by the U.S. Department of Education and granted the National Distinguished Principal’s Award. Although she will be missed, the school community is excited to welcome Greenwood neighbor Bernadette O’Leary beginning in August. Ms. O’Leary has spent the last 15 years as principal of St. George School on Beacon Hill.