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Collie found near Green Lake, now waiting for owner in PhinneyWood area

Update: Dog and owners have been reunited!
Erica and her family found a collie outside the Green Lake Zeek’s Pizza Thursday night around 8 p.m. and took the dog home with them to keep it safe.

My kids and I saw this adorable dog at Ben & Jerry’s/Zeek’s at Green Lake tonight around 8. The guys at Zeek’s said someone found him running around loose, and tied his leash to a lightpost. (The Zeek’s guys were very willing to take him home & help track down his owner when their shifts were over–very sweet!–but we took the little sweet pup home with us bc my neighbor is a vet.)
I’m assuming the purple dog leash attached belongs to the dog, but I’m not positive.
He was super friendly to my kids. He has a teeny limp; hope he didn’t get that while roaming about today.
My neighbor will bring him to Northwest Veterinary Hospital tomorrow to see if there’s a chip.