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Taproot Theatre’s annual gala raises more than $267,000

Taproot Theatre’s 2011 Gala last month raised a record amount — more than $267,000 — to support the theater’s programs, including a popular touring production that performs at schools, libraries and other public venues around the region. The theater reports that the 250-seat event on April 9 at The Triple Door downtown was sold out.

Left to right at microphones: Taproot Theatre Road Company performers Ryan Childers, Asha Stichter, Adrienne Littleton and Josh Smyth.
“No theatre can survive, let alone thrive, without the encouragement and generosity of friends,” Producing Artistic Director Scott Nolte said in a press release. “Clearly, we’re blessed to have an exceptional family of patrons who care deeply about Taproot Theatre’s success, artistry and stability.”
Taproot has also begun a three-year, $6 million drive – called the Deep Roots Campaign – part of which will help pay for its proposed expansion into the adjacent space where the Eleanor Roosevelt Building stood until it was destroyed by arson in October 2009.
Taproot is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.