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Huge turnout for electronics recycling event

Before the recycling crew could open up their truck, a couple dozen people had lined up in the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s lower parking lot with old computers, monitors, printers, cell phones and other electronics last Saturday.

InterConnection, a local non-profit, refurbishes usable items to donate to local and international nonprofits. Those that can’t be refurbished are recycled.

Organizers said the initial turnout was very good, as evidenced by the pile of old electronics that quickly piled up before they could sort through it.

Organizers tell us they received 108 computers, another 42 laptops, 67 monitors, 41 keyboards or mice, 38 cell phones, 31 printers and 15 televisions.

From the PNA:

We had a great turnout and ended up with 9 pallet-sized boxes full of equipment. Several of the computers, monitors, and cell phones will be refurbished, and others will be recycled through environmentally and socially responsible methods. The event was such a success that we hope to do more of these in the future.

People who couldn’t make the event on Saturday can always drop off the same materials at InterConnection. Their address is 2222 N. Pacific St, Seattle, WA 98103, and drop-off times are 10-6 Mon-Fri and 10-5 on Saturday. For a complete list of what you can give, visit https://www.interconnection.org/give.html.