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Taproot Theatre presents west coast premiere of ‘Brownie Points’

As it closes out its phenomenally successful run of “The Beams are Creaking” this weekend, Greenwood’s Taproot Theatre prepares for the west coast premiere of “Brownie Points.” Directed by Karen Lund, “Brownie Points” opens on May 20.
In November, playwright Janece Shaffer won the Gene-Gabriel Moore Playwriting Award for “Brownie Points.” Shaffer will visit Taproot Theatre during opening week.

The girls’ club pledge never promised camping would be easy…for the moms. In the late night mayhem of a backwoods campout a storm rages outside, while a squall builds inside the cabin. Set against tranquil mountains, the close quarters, diverse backgrounds and differing walks of life collide, spurring hilarious but meaningful conversations about race, religion and parenting.
“I love how this play gets to the heart of sensitive issues, by couching them in the comic moments of our everyday lives, making them accessible,” said Lund. “It basically comes down to what’s more important, people’s differences in things like race and religion, or what they have in common, which in the case of these women is the struggle to raise their kids the best way they know how.”

Tickets are available at Taproot Theatre’s box office, 204 N. 85th St., by phone at 206-781-9707, or online.