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Robbery suspect bites security guard at 8th Avenue Goodwill

A security guard at the Ballard Goodwill, 6400 8th Ave. NW, was bitten by a robbery suspect, according to a police report. The report states that a man came into the store around 7:30 last Friday evening with the intent of stealing new clothes. The suspect told police that his girlfriend threw out all his clothes and he didn’t have the money to buy new ones.
From the police report:

Security stated that (redacted) walked to the back of the store, selected several items of clothing ($59.99), selected a backpack ($12.99), concealed a pair of socks in the backpack, walked to the fitting room, conceal most of the clothing by putting it on under his clothing, conceal the remainder of the clothing in the backpack, and then walk out of the store without paying for the stolen product. Security stated that he followed (redacted) throughout the store and observed him placing several layers of clothing on by the narrow opening at the bottom of the fitting room doors.

Once the suspect tried to leave the store, the security guard confronted him and a struggle ensued, according to the police report. While the security guard was attempting to handcuff the suspect, the suspect bit him on the arm and again tried to escape with the stolen items. The bite did not break the skin. With the help of a customer, security was able to handcuff the suspect. He was arrested when police arrived and taken to the North Precinct for Investigation of Robbery.