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Phinney Center may get $995,000 state heritage grant after all

The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Capital Campaign took a hit a few months ago when the state pulled its $995,000 that it had promised from the Heritage Capital Projects Fund. But this week, the House restored the fund’s $10 million, for 29 projects around the state. Now, it just needs to pass the Senate.
The PNA plans to use that money for the Blue Building renovation, which includes a new entryway, elevator, ADA upgrades to bathrooms, seismic upgrades, better landscaping, and improved access from Phinney Avenue.

From PNA Executive Director Lee Harper:

We need your help today to ensure this level of funding from the Senate. The Senate is finalizing the budget as we speak. It is URGENT that your Senators hear how important it is to you – their constituents – that their budget fully funds the HCPF.
NOW is the time to act. In the next 24 hours, please contact your Senators by email or phone to send these TWO simple messages:
1) Please fund the HCPF at the same level as the House – the full $10 million; and
2) Ask them to contact Senator Kilmer with the message that this is a high priority for their district (Sen. Kilmer is Vice-chair and lead on putting together the Capital budget).
Some tips we learned in Olympia this morning about how to MOST effectively contact our Senators during this time-sensitive period:
· Your email “Subject” line should indicate that you are a constituent from their district;
· Be sure to personalize in some way your email (e.g. mention the PNA’s project); and
· Best method is to email your Senator; the second best method is to call his/her legislative aid directly. If you leave a message, be sure to indicate that you are a constituent!
Click HERE to find your Senator and their contact information, and here’s the Senators’ emails in the three closest legislative districts to PNA.
43rd District: Senator Ed Murray [email protected]
36th District: Jeanne Kohl Welles [email protected]
46th District: Scott White [email protected]