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NW District Council meets Wednesday to discuss transportation, Neighborhood Fund proposals

The NW District Council is meeting Wednesday night at the Greenwood Senior Center, 525 N. 85th St., to discuss Seattle’s Transit Master Plan and to go over proposals to the Neighborhood Projects Fund (NPF).
Each of the city’s 13 District Councils is charged with considering proposals submitted by organizations or individuals in their district. The proposals are for small-scale transportation or parks improvements.
Each district submits its three priority projects, then the appropriate city department analyzes its costs and feasibility, sending it back to each council for a final decision on which projects to fund. Each district receives about $90,000 from the city.
 Nine proposals have been submitted to the NW District Council:

  • Adding a crosswalk at 50th and Midvale near the tennis courts in Upper Woodland Park.
  • Paving the path at the southwest edge of Woodland Park Zoo and adding curb cuts to the zoo parking lot exit to make it safer to runners and walkers.
  • Making the intersection of North 66th Street at Linden Avenue North/Woodland Place North safer by adding a curb bulb, four ADA ramps, and landscaping improvement to turn the five-way intersection into two separate intersections.
  • Pedestrian safety improvements on 115th Street NE, 5th Avenue NE and 15th Ave NE in the Haller Lake neighborhood.
  • Painting the Green Lake loop with a stencil that makes it clearer which side is for wheels and which for feet.
  • Installing a sidewalk and street trees on North 90th Street between Phinney and Fremont avenues.
  • Improve safety at the crosswalk on Greenwood Avenue North and North 80th Street by the Greenwood Library by adding curb bulbs, a raised median and bicycle oasis at the library.
  • Adding speed bumps and “local access only” signs to the eight blocks bounded by Greenwood Avenue North, Fremont Avenue North, North 125th Street and North 130th Street, and the block bounded by Fremont Avenue North, Northpark Avenue North, North 125th Street and North  127th Street.
  • Traffic calming measures on NW 8th Avenue between North 85th Street and North 105th Street, including a one-way climbing bike lane to reduce road size to help slow traffic, and the purchase of two radar speed signs for both ends of the 20-block segment.

For more information on District Council projects and issues, contact Northwest District Council staff Rob Mattson at 206-684-4051 or [email protected], or NWDC Chair Steve Deters at 206-437-4940 or [email protected].