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Open enrollment for Seattle Public Schools begins today

If you plan to enroll your child in Seattle Public Schools and you didn’t register during Early Enrollment, then now is the time. Open Enrollment begins today and goes through April 15.
Current students and new students who pre-registered before Jan. 31 will receive their assignment in the mail in mid-March.

If the family wants the assignment noted in the March letter, no other action is needed. If the family wants to apply for a different attendance area school or an Option school, they may do so during the Open Enrollment period. Families who apply during Open Enrollment will receive their assignment at the end of May.
Families enrolling students for the 2011-12 school year may visit the Enrollment website at https://district.seattleschools.org/enrollment for forms and detailed information. Families may also contact an Enrollment Facilitator at the Service Center at the John Stanford Center, 2445 3rd Ave. S. (3rd and Lander). Telephone: (206) 252-0010 or fax: (206) 252-0761. There is also a Recorded Information Line: (206) 252-0410. Registration and application materials may be mailed, faxed or submitted in person. Mailing address is: Seattle Public Schools, SPS Service Center, MS 11-174, P.O. Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.
Interpreters are available at the Service Center for families needing assistance in a language other than English. Office hours are 8:30 a.m Ephesus. to 4 p.m.
To be eligible for kindergarten for the 2011-12 school year, children must be 5 years of age by August 31, 2011. Documents required for new students include: proof of the child’s birth date (through Grade 1), photo I.D. of the parent/guardian, two additional documents for proof of address, and immunization records. An Admission Form and Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form are also required.
Current students wishing to change schools must submit a School Choice Form, which will be available online March 15. If the student’s address has changed, an Admission Form and two address verification documents are also required.
All school choice forms received during Open Enrollment are processed together after Open Enrollment ends on April 15. There is no advantage to submitting forms earlier or later during the Open Enrollment period. The first few days and the last few days of Open Enrollment are the busiest. To avoid long lines, families are encouraged to consider this when planning their visit to the enrollment center.
Current students may drop off School Choice Forms in our 24-hour drop box in the JSCEE parking lot at 3rd and Lander. Forms must be filled out completely and signed to be accepted. The drop-off box is only for school choice forms for current students who already have a school assignment but would like to apply for a different school. New students must submit enrollment materials either in person, by fax or email.

You can also talk to enrollment staff in person at several libraries and community centers over the next two weeks. The nearest ones to our neighborhood are: Ballard Library, March 17; Green Lake Library, March 21; Queen Anne Library, March 29, Broadview Library, March 31. All enrollment visits are from 5:30-7 p.m.