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Ridge Romp kids get cozy with reptiles

Scott Petersen, better known as The Reptile Man, brought a menagerie of reptiles to the Phinney Center for Ridge Romp on Saturday, building comfort and a better understanding of some often misunderstood and feared creatures.  

Kids laughed, shrieked with glee and eagerly reached out to touch an albino python, a tortoise and an alligator who he made fall asleep on command.

I learned a few new things too, including that there is a boa constrictor that lives in Washington State, the rubber boa. It uses its tail like a second head to confuse predators and distract prey.

While he held onto many of the reptiles, he got the kids involved too. Here they are holding an albino python and touching the rock-hard shell of a tortoise.

The Ridge Romp has two more musical acts, Ay, Margarita! with Mirta Wymerszberg on April 2 and The Harmonica Pocket on May 7.