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City Council adopts legislation to clean up junk and overgrowth in residential yards

On Monday, the Seattle City Council unanimously adopted legislation to streamline enforcement of overgrown vegetation and junk storage on residential properties.
From the press release:

The new changes create a consistent set of standards to help negligent property owners understand the rules and clean up their yards.
“Neighbors rightly get riled when nearby owners turn their properties into junk yards or car storage depots,” said Councilmember Sally J. Clark, Chair of the Committee on the Built Environment.
Currently, different types of violations are regulated under different sections of the city code, which have different enforcement procedures. This legislation creates one unified code section making the rules and fines levied more understandable so owners can comply with the laws as quickly as possible.
In 2007, Council passed the “Clean Up Your Act” legislation that requires property owners to keep their lots in decent condition, for the sake of neighborhood character and safety. The ordinance adopted on Monday improves and refines the original legislation.

You can report a problem property online, or call the Department of Planning & Development’s violation complaint line at 206-615-0808. Reports can be made anonymously.