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Seattle Police North Precinct contact info

The Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct asked us to pass along all the emergency contact information that PhinneyRidge  and Greenwood residents might need.

  • SPD’s North Precinct is located at 10049 College Way N.; 206-684-0850.
  • The North Precinct’s Community Police Team’s main number is 206-684-4599. Sgt.
  • Dianne Newsom can be reached at 206-684-0794 or [email protected].
  • North Precinct’s detective, Sgt. Jeff Durden, is at 206-386-9113 or [email protected].
  • Officer Travis Testerman is our community police officer; he covers the area from North 50th Street to North 90 Street, from I-5 to Third Avenue Northwest. He can be reached at 206-233-3984 or [email protected].
  • Officer Scott McGlashan covers the area from North 110th Street to the Ship Canal, from Third Avenue Northwest to the Sound. He can be reached at 206-233-3733 or [email protected].
  • The City Attorney Liaison is at 206-684-7765.

And here’s a list of Public Safety Numbers:

  • Police, fire and medical emergencies: 911
  • Incidents not needing an officer to be dispatched: 206-625-5011
  • North Precinct Watch Commanders, for thank yous or concerns: 206-684-0856
  • Community Police Team, for chronic, ongoing problems not resolved by 911: 206-684-0794
  • Suspected drug activity: 206-684-0748
  • Parking Enforcement: 206-625-5011 or https://web1.seattle.gov/police/AbandonedVehicles/Present/AbandonedVehicle.aspx
  • Website for crime updates and alerts: www.seattle.gov/police/precincts/North/default.htm
  • Crime Statistics: https://www.seattle.gov/police/records/online/htm; https://web5.seattle.gov/mnm/policereports.aspx; https://web5.seattle.gov/mnm/incidentresponse.aspx
  • Sex Offenders: https://www.sheriffalerts.com/cap
  • Graffiti and illegal dumping: Seattle Public Utilities – 206-684-7587
  • Streetlights burned out, intermittent or flickering: 206-684-7056
  • Overgrowth, cars in yards, litter: 206-615-0808