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GAIN neighborhood cleanup on March 5

GAIN (Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors) is hosting another neighborhood cleanup at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 5.

This time we are joining forces with our neighbors from the GAIN groups north of us, so let’s show them a good turnout. It will be an all-GAIN trash spectacular! Think of it as getting exercise, meeting your neighbors, and conveniently making your own streets cleaner in the process. In January we had a great turnout at Greenwood Christian Church, with 39 people collecting 30 bags of garbage and 11 bags of yard waste!!!
The tentative plan is to have two starting off points: A south-end start location will be at Bethel Presbyterian Church, 11002 Greenwood Ave N (110th and Greenwood). A north-end start location will be the 128th Street Interurban trailhead (Fremont Ave and 128th). Both locations will feature a supply of pre-pickin-up-trash fuel of coffee and muffins, and maybe even something more sugary!