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Truck stolen, car break-in

Victoria tells us that someone walked into their house through an unlocked door while they were home on North 77th Street between Fremont and Linden avenues on Saturday night, took their truck keys, then stole their 2004 White Toyota Tundra TMG. They also stole an iPhone from inside the house.
And Jeff tells us that two men tried to break into a car next to Francine Seders Art Gallery at North 67th Street and Greenwood Avenue North this afternoon.

At about 2:20 pm on this Presidents Day, I suddenly heard a car alarm while walking where Greenwood Ave N makes a curve and turns into Phinney Ave N. I looked and saw a rather shocked young woman with two young children. She said that two men jumped out of a white van (she described as an “arrow star” whatever that is), knock out the back drivers-side window of a car, grab something, and drive off. She did not get the license plate number. This happened too fast, only a few seconds, for her to react.
This is a heads up…Keep your eyes open do not leave valuables in your car or at least place out of sight.