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Berserk Games/Card Kingdom moving from Phinney to Ballard

The former Berserk Games, now called Card Kingdom, at 7217 Greenwood Ave. N., is moving to a much larger space in Ballard in April.

Card Kingdom/Berserk Games is moving from Phinney to Ballard.
The current building is about 1,000 square feet. The new building at 5105 Leary Way will be about 6,000 square feet.
“We’re just growing too much,” Retail Manager Annalisa Delfel said. “Business is great. We’re even putting in a pub and a café.”
Berserk Games changed its name to Card Kingdom at the beginning of the year, although both Berserk and Card Kingdom signs are up at the current store. Delfel said they decided to change the store’s name to the name of its parent company.
The new Card Kingdom store in Ballard will be able to carry an even larger selection of board and card games, role playing games and miniatures. And it will have a larger dedicated play space for people to come in and play one of the games from their game library. They’ll also have private rooms and be able to hold tournaments.
Owner Damon Morris calls it “more of a destination space,” about one block off of Ballard Avenue.
Card Kingdom started as an online only business out of Morris’ garage in Minneapolis in 1997. Morris then moved the company to a store in the U District in 2001, then to Phinney Ridge about five years ago.
Thanks to Bethany and Roger for the tips!