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Possible lost dog near West Woodland school

Jamee tells us she found what appears to be a lost dog this morning, but couldn’t get close enough to catch her and bring her home until the owners are found.

At around 11am this morning I was driving past West Woodland Elementary near the intersections of NW 58th and 4th Ave NW and saw a dog run across the street by itself. It’s a very pretty shepard mix with blue eyes and looks like it could still be near puppy age. I think it’s a she because she has a hot pink collar with paw prints on it, but no tags. She seemed friendly and playful but definitely scared and skiddish and was apprehensive to approach me. She did not look mangy so I’m guessing she may have gotten out of the yard where she lives. I would have taken her to my back yard so she was safe but I think she was too scared. Very sweet dog so I hope she’s okay.