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The Dray to open second pub in Greenwood

The Dray restaurant and bar on NW 65th Street in Lower Phinney/East Ballard is opening a second location in Greenwood, across the street from the Greenwood Post Office. The new pub will be at 8313 Greenwood Ave. N. and will be called The Yard (that’s Dray spelled backwards). Co-owner Andy Walls tells us it will be a full restaurant and bar.
The building has about 850 square feet inside, and a 1,000-square-foot front yard for a beer garden. At first they will have a covered deck in the front, but Walls said they plan to eventually cover the entire front yard for a beer garden.

They hope to open The Yard sometime in March. They are currently remodeling the building, which a few years ago housed a company called U-Bay, which helped people sell things on eBay.
“It’s a complete remodel,” Walls said. “We’re down to the studs right now; we’re doing electrical, plumbing and the gas right now.”