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Greenwood shoplifting suspect arrested

This post was updated on Sunday, Jan. 30.
A man suspected of shoplifting from the Washington State Liquor Store at 9218 Greenwood Ave. N. was arrested Thursday afternoon after an eight-block chase a store on North 85th Street on Thursday afternoon was arrested after a two-block chase.
Employees of the store in the 100 block of North 85th Street chased the man to 84th and Greenwood, where he was arrested in the parking lot next to Insurrection Apparel & Boots just before 4 p.m.
The store manager did not want the store identified. She said the man tried to steal something inexpensive, but employees retrieved the item from him while he was still in the store. But the man “kept circling,” the manager said, so they called police, and the man fled.
James sent us photos from the scene.

The blonde woman chased him toward the alley and the SPD car came from the left. Two more SPD cars came. A fire engine, a medic one truck and an ambulance also responded. I think the suspect needed medical attention and he was taken away in the ambulance.

PhinneyWood initially reported that the man had shoplifted from the Washington State Liquor Store at 9218 Greenwood Ave. N., because we’d received a report of a shoplifting incident at the liquor store around the same time, and an employee at the liquor store confirmed a shoplifting incident had taken place. Seattle Police did not return our phone call on Friday asking for more information.
Thanks to James for the tip and photo!