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Greenwood Streetscapes workshop for 102nd Street

Greenwood Streetscapes is having another workshop to help residents improve pedestrian safety, parking and possibly install sidewalks. Sunday’s workshop, from 4-6 p.m., is for neighbors who live on North 102nd Street, from Greenwood Avenue North to Dayton Avenue North.
The workshop is at the home of David Franklow, 337 N. 102nd St.

If you live on this block, please come share your thoughts, ideas and concerns. If you live near this block, consider joining us to see how your block can get started with a Greenwood Streetscapes introductory workshop. Together we will look at a map of this block, discuss a typical street configuration and receive your comments so that a block plan can be developed that responds to ALL neighbors’ interests and concerns about pedestrian safety, parking, drainage and more. If you have any questions, please contact your neighbor: Kristie Engels, 345 N. 102nd St., [email protected], 206-781-1386.
Greenwood Streetscapes is a neighborhood volunteer group that helps people plan and implement streetscape improvements that make blocks more walkable. If you have questions about Greenwood Streetscapes, please contact our volunteer organizers: Jim Jackson 617-3970 or Kate Martin 579-3703.