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Huge dog roaming around neighborhood

Jen sent us a note about a huge dog she saw roaming the neighborhood all alone. Do you know who he belongs to?

There is a gigantic, black and white male American Bulldog or Pitbull roaming around. Ran in to him with my dogs on 70th and Dayton, had a squabble (my dog is a grumpy old man) and he moved on. I put my dogs in the house and went after him for a few blocks. He crossed paths with a small dog on a leash and didn’t have a problem at all, so I don’t think he is aggressive or anything. I couldn’t get a leash on him, he was a little skittish (although pretty friendly), seemed like he was on a mission. Last I saw, he was trotting north on Fremont (around 74th). If anyone tries to get a leash on him, they may want to bribe him with cheese or something.