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Crime at the Phinney Center: Thief steals outdoor ATM machine

In the last three days at the Phinney Neighborhood Center at 6532 Phinney Ave. N., a thief has broken a car window to steal a purse while a mother was dropping off her child, and someone stole the entire ATM machine from the parking lot.
PNA Director of Facilities Bill Fenimore sent us this note:

On Monday night a parent who was picking up her child had her purse stolen out of her locked car in the parking lot. The thief broke a window, which set off the car alarm. While this was noisy enough to alert the parent the thief was still able to get the purse.
This morning, (Wednesday) the PNA staff arrived to find that the solar-powered ATM machine had been stolen. It was housed in a small enclosure in the upper parking lot and the thieves had broken into the enclosure and ripped the machine off its foundation. We are not sure of the timing but it is at least a possibility that this happened early this morning while it was still dark. If anyone in the surrounding neighborhood saw or heard anything that would help to shed light on either of these incidents I would appreciate it if they contact me directly at [email protected]. We also want to urge our visitors to be vigilant regarding their possessions; we seem to be in a period of heightened activity.