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City to add more crews to fix potholes

The Seattle Times published a story today about the huge increase in potholes in Seattle, due to the winter weather. According to the story, many of the worst roads are in Greenwood and Crown Hill. Seattle Department of Transportation says it will increase its number of “Pothole Rangers” crews from the usual two or three to nine to deal with the backlog.
In the last couple of weeks, we’ve heard from PhinneyWood readers about huge potholes on their street, and their frustration with the city for not fixing them sooner. The Times story online includes a page where you can add to a map of potholes across the city.
According to that map, readers reported huge potholes in the 6800 block and 7200 block of Linden Avenue, and in several places along 85th Street, including at Midvale Avenue at 6th Avenue NW.
PhinneyWood has long had its own map where readers can report potholes, graffiti and other infrastructure issues, and we’ve received several additions in the last couple of days. Please add your potholes to the map, and also report them to the city.
And please send us your photos of street craters, and let us know how long it took the city to fix them after you reported it.