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Romio’s Pizza & Pasta changing name to Razzi’s Pizzeria

Romio’s Pizza & Pasta at 8523 Greenwood Ave. N. is dropping out of the Romio’s franchise and will change its name to Razzi’s Pizzeria starting on Jan. 1.

Owner Amir Razzaghi explained the change to us in an email:

Romiós Pizza & Pasta is still a franchise with stores around the Seattle area. The Greenwood Romiós, however, will be stepping down from the franchise in order to provide our customers with some requested and much anticipated changes. We are able to keep much of the old menu because my family and I came up with the recipes ourselves. In addition to the old favorites, we will be offering some healthier options as well. Some of these include an organic whole-grain spelt crust option, a separate vegan menu (in addition to our full gluten-free menu), increasing our local vendors, using environmentally-friendly packaging, adding seasonal selections, a seasonally rotating tap, organic coffee and a signature dessert. We are excited to bring these changes to the neighborhood. We know what our customers want, and are now able to deliver.

Thanks to Rali for bringing this to our attention in the forum!