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Man confronts woman about pushing child in stroller

Jessica wrote to tell us about a disturbing incident that happened to her while pushing her child in a stroller on Greenwood Avenue in front of Greenwood Hardware.

A middle aged man started verbally accosting me for “strollering” my one year old. He approached and asked me a question as if in earnest by saying “Do you know who invented the stroller?”, thinking he was going to say something interesting or funny I stopped and said “No, who?” and he proceeded to tell me that uncaring, unnurturing mothers who didn’t want to carry their babies invented them. As I started walking away the man continued to yell things like “you disgust me” and other offenses. I actually started to get nervous as this man was getting angry so I crossed the street and ducked into the Color in Space shop.
I want people to be aware of this man especially as there are a lot of stroller moms who traffic this main street. He seemed unstable and there is no telling what he could do. I saw him down the street while I was in the Color in Space shop stopping to talk to another parent and child walking a dog but don’t know what was said and he seemed to move on quickly (probably because the child could walk!). Just an FYI. I think next time I will have my guard up a little more.

Did anyone else encounter this man?