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Family holds New Orleans-style memorial for life-time neighborhood woman

The family of ReeAnne Halonen granted her final wish by having a New Orleans-style memorial procession from her Ballard/Phinney home to a nearby park on Sunday afternoon. Halonen passed away Oct. 19.

Her only wish for her memorial was to have a New Orleans style funeral jazz band to play through the neighborhood. Thanks to family friends Joshua Kohl from the Degenerate Art Ensemble and Luis Benito from the Seattle Sounders band, the “73rd and Chaos Street Brass Band” was assembled, so called after ReeAnne’s name for her Ballard home where all were welcome and loved.
About 30 friends and family gathered to march with the band as they played a dirge to the 6th Ave NW Pocket Park for a brief performance and then burst into upbeat hymns upon the return to ReeAnne’s home before performing at her memorial, held at the Central Area Senior Center.

Photos by Bruce Tom.