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Zoo’s limited edition art supports endangered species

Woodland Park Zoo is holding an Art Open House from 1-3 p.m. Sunday with sales of specially commissioned artwork to help support animal care and conservation here and around the world.

Celebrating the beauty and drama of nature, prominent Pacific Northwest artists were commissioned to create images of six of the endangered species that Woodland Park Zoo and its partners are working to save including: African wild dog (by Fumi Watanabe), golden lion tamarin (by Fiona McGuigan), Panamanian golden frog (by Troy Gua), red crowned crane (by Jesse LeDoux), Sumatran tiger (by Don Clark) and western pond turtle (by Natalie Oswald).
Purchase prints of each work available at the ZooStore (open daily during zoo hours) or online at the zoo’s eBay store. One work will be released as a limited edition print each week for six weeks, starting Nov. 14. Prices vary, starting at $200. To purchase, visit the ZooStore or https://www.zoo.org/limitededition.
Bid on the original works of art at the zoo’s online eBay store beginning Sun., Nov. 14 through Sun., Nov. 21. Opening bid amounts vary, starting at $250. To bid, visit https://www.zoo.org/limitededition.

Trophy Cupcakes has created special cupcakes featuring each animal. From Nov. 14 through Dec. 18, one “Limited Edition” cupcake will be released each week. All profits from the sale of each special cupcake goes to Woodland Park Zoo.