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Lucy the dog found – is she yours?

Update: Lucy’s owners have been found and she is now home.
Jen tells us she found this beautiful dog on the east side of Phinney Ridge late this morning.

About 2 hours ago this dog approached me as I was getting out of my car at 68th & Dayton. She is a super nice, friendly dog. She is medium build, mostly black with a bit of brown around her face and on her legs. She is obviously well cared for and has a collar and tag on but it only lists her name (Lucy) and phone number. I have called the number and left a message but the message is generic with no name info and I want to make sure I get in touch with the owners. I have her at my house now and she is doing splendidly with my young kids & 2 other dogs. If I don’t hear anything by tonight I’ll take her by my vet tomorrow to see if she has a microchip.

If this is your dog or you know who the owner is, please email us and we’ll put you in touch with Jen.