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Stray cat found at Phinney Ridge Animal Hospital

Update Thursday, Nov. 11: The cat’s owners have been found.
The folks at Phinney Ridge Animal Hospital at 8205 Greenwood Ave. N. posted in the forum about a stray cat that’s been hanging around the clinic for a while now.

The staff here at Phinney Ridge Animal Hospital are hoping to find some info on a VERY handsome cat…thats been hanging around here off and on for the past few weeks but he’s also been spotted here as late as last summer.
He’s polydactyl on all four feet (has extra toes) and has BRIGHT blue eyes. He looks like ragdoll (breed) but with short hair! Brown and white with a lovely brown diamond splotch right on his nose!
He seems young, but is definitely an adult. He isn’t chipped and wears no collar, and has been showing up for twice daily meals (he’s smart!)but we’re wondering if he’s got a home nearby or if someone knows him!
He’s a big boy and healthy looking and seems to be doing just fine, but if you recognize him, we’d love to hear from you. Reach us at 206.784.9200 or come on by – we’re at 8205 Greenwood Ave N.