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Greedy goblins steal entire bowl from front porch

We got a note from a Phinney resident who tells us that someone literally stole the entire bowl of Halloween candy – and the bowl itself – off their front porch last night.

After my kids came in from trick or treating about 8:30 last night, we went down in the basement to watch the World Series game we’d recorded. We decided to leave the candy bowl on the front porch (63rd and Greenwood) – actually hoping that someone would take all the remaining candy so that I wouldn’t have it the next day. We heard one group of footsteps about 10 minutes later. My son ran up to see if could get a glimpse of the costumes, and quickly discovered that not only had they snatched all the candy, but they also stole the huge metal mixing bowl the candy was in. Not cool. We would really like that back. I suspect whoever took the bowl probably ditched in someone’s yard nearby, so if anyone finds a very big stainless steel bowl in your bushes, please contact [email protected].