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Greenwood Park volunteers install twig fence as part of new community garden

Volunteers continue to work on the new community garden at Greenwood ParkVision Greenwood Park, a volunteer group, is organizing the work parties at the park, located between Fremont and Evanston avenues north of 87th Street. Dozens of volunteers at a  previous work party in September began clearing the brush.
From Vision Greenwood’s Cassandra Allen:

In between rain squalls, volunteers were guided by Joanna D’Asaro a fellow volunteer and local landscape architect from Greener Living Solutions. They constructed a fence frame that was then filled by the north lot’s cleared tree branches and shrubbery. Materials for the frame were provided by Dunn Lumber to the group at a discount. As the fence grew from the ground up, volunteers intertwined rhododendron, yew and cedar branches in layers giving it a lovely layering of green and brown. Joanna’s design of the twig fence provides a natural-looking, visual barrier with recycled materials.
“We came up with the concept of the twig fence with the hope of constructing something that will be esthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and easy to assemble. It met all those goals and brought the community together for four hours,” said Mike Stringer, Chair of the Vision Greenwood Park volunteer group, “We appreciate the local business and neighborhood support we’re receiving!”
Volunteers enjoyed pizza donated by Stacia’s Gourmet Pizza during a break while they discussed plans for building a shed for the garden in early 2011. The goal is to open the community garden to planting in the Spring. To volunteer, contribute and find out what’s happening at Greenwood Park, visit: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/visiongreenwoodpark/

Photo by Jay Boynton.