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Day in the Life photos

Last week we put out a call for photos of a Day in the Life of Greenwood, as a way to celebrate the neighborhood making it through the one-year anniversary of the massive arson that destroyed four businesses in downtown Greenwood.
Here are a few photos we received. While they weren’t actually taken on Saturday – the anniversary of the fire – they do nicely capture a few things about our neighborhood.
Laura sent this picture of Greenwood Elementary’s 100th year celebration.

Jonathan sent a picture of the recently reopened King Falafel Grill.

And DumDumDugan sent a photo of the rebuilding of the house at 108 NW 84th St. that was one of the many targets of last year’s arsonist. That’s a new foundation in there.

After sitting dormant for a year, once the teardown occurred it has been a beehive of activity. They’re making great progress.

If you’ve got more photos of happy happenings in Greenwood, please email us.