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Senior Center’s Local Giving Fair coming on Nov. 13

The Greenwood Senior Center’s SAGE project will hold a Local Giving Fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 13. The Local Giving Fair is similar to last year’s Alternative Gift Market, where people could donate money to support national and international humanitarian projects, instead of buying a material item for someone who probably already has more than they need.

This year, we will connect with over twenty local non-profit organizations that address social justice, human rights, and environmental issues within our community, and have representatives from the organizations come and host tables.
The Local Giving Fair is a wonderful way to start off the holiday season right and support vital organizations working in our community, connect to the true nature of winter holidays, and connect with neighbors at a festive, celebratory fair.
If you have any questions about this year’s Local Giving Fair, for further information please contact Emily at the Greenwood Senior Center: (206) 297-0875/ [email protected]