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Good Grief! Greenwood Market’s Great Pumpkin stolen

Someone stole a more than 400-pound giant pumpkin from in front of Greenwood Market last week. The pumpkin was on top of a stack of pallets in the middle of the huge pumpkin display in front of the store at 85th and 3rd.

A store employee, who didn’t want to be identified, says the theft is disappointing, not only to the store, but to the farmer who grew it.
“We always return those pumpkins to the farmers, because they need the seeds and use them to grow them next year,” she said. “In all the years we’ve been doing this, we’ve never had this happen.”
She said the pumpkin is an unusual shape. “It kind of looks like a bean bag chair; it’s kind of weird,” she said.
If you see a giant pumpkin fitting that description, please call Greenwood Market at 206-782-1610. And if you happen to have taken a picture of the pumpkin before it was stolen, please email us so we can add it to the post.
Thanks to Matt for the tip!