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Greenwood Streetscapes workshop #3 for Evanston and 90th

Greenwood Streetscapes is holding its third workshop Thursday night to discuss how to add sidewalks to Evanston Avenue North from North 90th to North 92nd streets. Interested neighbors should meet at Dave Lipe’s House, 9022 Evanston Ave. N., from 6:30–8:30 p.m.

Neighbors and volunteer professionals will join together at the workshop to study a map of their block, learn about their street right-of-way and visualize streetscape possibilities so that a preliminary block plan can be developed.
This region includes the N-S oriented long blocks between Phinney Ave N and Dayton Ave N, Dayton Ave N and Evanston Ave N, Evanston Ave N and Fremont Ave N between N 90th St and N 92nd St. including the around the block areas on N 90th and N 92nd.

The next workshop will be Oct. 28 to discuss the blocks of North 101st to North 103rd streets, and Greenwood Avenue North to Dayton Avenue North.