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New details on police activity in Greenwood Tuesday night

We got in touch with Seattle Police this morning to find out what was going on last night with all the K-9 and chopper activity in Greenwood and Crown Hill.  It turns out police were dealing with a couple of incidents at the same time.
Around 8:50pm, police were investigating the report of a prowler in the 9700 block of 3rd Ave NW.  When the prowler saw the homeowner, he took off running.  About 30 minutes later, officers located a possible suspect in a yard about five blocks away.  Witnesses positively identified the man as the prowler and he was arrested.
Also going on at the same time, officers were assisting on the prowler call when they saw two suspicious people walking in the 9200 block of 4th Ave NW.  When officers tried to talk to them, they took off running through the yards.  There was another person chasing after them. Officers asked that person what was going on, and he said the two people had just tried to get into his house and one of his cars.  Officers set up containment and one of the suspects was found at 8th and Holman. The victim was taken to the location and he positively identified the suspect. It was determined that these people were not involved in the first prowler incident.  However, it is possible that the suspect at 8th/Holman and his friend (who was never located) might have shoplifted at the QFC earlier in the night.