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Surveillance photos of Phinney robbers

Seattle Police now believe the same men are responsible for robberies at businesses in Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne, West Seattle, Renton and Des Moines. In the early morning hours of September 23, two masked men with a gun and knife robbed a Chevron in Renton. About an hour later, they hit a store in the 1600 block of Queen Anne Avenue.
Police say the men then robbed a store in the 5900 block of Phinney Avenue on September 27, followed shortly after that with a store in Des Moines. Authorities now believe the men were responsible for a similar crime in West Seattle. Below you’ll find images from one robbery (photos are from SPD and can’t be enlarged, no faces are visible but the clothing may be important) and a description of the suspects:
Suspect 1: White male, 18-20 years-old, medium build, White t-shirt, tan pants, wearing a mask or bandana.
Suspect 2: White male, 18-20 years-old, medium build, light colored t-shirt, jeans
Suspect 3: White male, 18-20 years-old. (only seen in one incident)
The clothing description varies. In one incident S/1 wore a black skeleton mask and S/2 wore a black ski mask. In another incident S/1 was wearing a black jacket with a hood and S/2 wore a red football jersey with the number “50″ and possible “Barton” printed on the back.
Anyone with informaton on these robberies is asked to call Robbery Detective Tom Healy at 206-684-5537.