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Greenwood Streetscapes first block study workshop is Thursday

Greenwood Streetscapes is a group of volunteers helping neighbors work together to get sidewalks in their neighborhoods. Their first block study is of NW 86th to NW 88th streets between 3rd Avenue NW and 6th Avenue NW. The block study workshop is from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Northwest Neighborhood Service Center, 8515 Greenwood Ave. N.
Greenwood Streetscapes Volunteer Kate Martin provided this information:

The smallest unit of study that seems to make sense so far is a whole block, all the way around the block, including any shared alley. Alleys seem likely to play a role in streetscape projects and project organization.
The purpose of this first workshop is to share information, provide a forum for discussion, and utilize our professional volunteers as facilitators and scribes in the exchange of information so that blocks can make progress toward whatever streetscape projects they decide to get involved in. It’s a starting point for developing a block plan that you and your neighbors can implement over time.

Please email Kate if you plan to attend.
Other upcoming block study workshops:
Oct. 14: Block bordered by North 95th and 97th Streets, Greenwood Avenue North, Dayton Avenue North. “Special emphasis on making a plan for the undeveloped street end that exists on the wooded slope between Greenwood and Phinney.”
Oct. 21: Four blocks – Evanston Avenue North, North 90th Street to North 92nd Street. “This region includes the N-S oriented long blocks between Phinney Ave N and Dayton Ave N, Dayton Ave N and Evanston Ave N, Evanston Ave N and Fremont Ave N between N 90th St and N 92nd St. including the around the block areas on N 90th and N 92nd.”
Oct. 28: North 101st to 103rd streets, Greenwood Avenue North to Dayton Avenue North.