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Greenwood Park work party Saturday to begin building community garden

Volunteers with Vision Greenwood Park are having their first work party to start building a community garden from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday (rain or shine.) They’ll provide coffee and snacks. Greenwood Park is at 602 N. 87th St.

Vision Greenwood Park has received a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to support construction of the community garden. The ‘matching’ part means that for every $1 of the grant, we have to supply $1 in volunteer labor or donations. This creates the opportunity to build community and neighborhood ownership while we build the garden.
Come out to help and meet your neighbors and make new friends. If you want a plot in the garden, the P-Patch program will give priority to people who have put volunteer hours into building it.

Please RSVP to so they can arrange enough coffee and tools.
The new community garden will be built in an undeveloped lot next to the east side of the park.