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Sandel Park playground renovation beginning

The Seattle Parks Department says Maroni Construction will begin work on Sandel Park’s playground renovations later this week. Sandel Park is at 9053 1st Ave. NW.
The $350,000 project is funded by the 2008 Parks and Green Space Levy, and is expected to be finished in January.

The final design fills in about two feet of the area of the existing upper playground and creates a larger playground more centrally located in the park. The design shared at the March 2010 Open House did not include the removal and grade elevation at the existing play area. This detail was the primary safety element in the Neighborhood Matching Fund design.
This final design addresses the visibility concerns that motivated the community to start the project. The new play area will have space to incorporate a wider variety of play equipment and will build upon the natural landscape of the existing park.

You can see a larger PDF of the design here.