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‘Wedding Belles’ ends Taproot Theatre’s season

The final show of Taproot Theatre’s 2010 season is the regional premiere of the comedy “Wedding Belles,” about a wedding snafu in 1942 Texas.

Karen Nelsen, Charissa Adams and Kim Morris in “Wedding Belles.” Photo by Erik Stuhaug.

When a bedraggled bride is found stranded at an East Texas bus station in 1942, the determined ladies of the Eufala Springs Garden Club leap into action! Lemonade, wedding cake and a gown are easy enough to come by… but where’s the groom? This side‐splitting comedy overflows with love, laughter and Southern hospitality at its best!
A delightful story of love, generosity, bickering and forgiving, Wedding Belles introduces audiences to the world of four friends and garden club members each with their own story of love and matrimony, or lack thereof. Glendine’s on husband number 7 or 8, Violet’s a spinster, Laura Lee is widowed and Bobrita is happily married. An ordinary club meeting gets derailed when a helpless young bride stumbles into town and into their meeting. Desperately needing their help planning a wedding—and finding her groom, who’s shipping off to the war—18‐year‐old Ima Jean surrenders herself to the varying degrees of experience, cynicism, optimism and fastidiousness of the four women who want the bride’s wedding day to be nothing short of spectacular.

Written by Alan Bailey and Ronnie Claire Edwards, and directed by associate artistic director Karen Lund, “Wedding Belles” opens Sept. 24 and runs through Oct. 23. Low‐price previews will be on Sept. 22 and 23, and there’s a pay‐what‐you‐can performance on Sept. 29.