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Nice night for an Artwalk

Friday was a nice night for the monthly Greenwood-Phinney Artwalk (until that brief rain shower about 8:15 that soaked us as we were walking home). Here are some highlights, but since we only made it to a few places, if you’ve got nice photos of other artists and their work, please email them to us and we’ll post them.
At Yvonne Palermo Gallery inside the Greenwood Collective at 8537 Greenwood Ave. N. Suite 1, artist Nick Beery had an interesting take on one of our favorite Muppets.

Inside Urban Light Studios at the Greenwood Collective, Breanne Boland drew “historical pickles” for $1 (one man asked her to sketch Marie Antoinette as a pickle).

And Sean Michael Robinson quickly sketched anyone who asked. (He and Boland were part of The Bureau of Drawers, a collection of cartoonists and illustrators, who were also selling mini comics.)

At GC’s Bherd Studios, artist Troy Gua combined two faces to create a unique picture: such as David Bowie and Michaelangelo’s David; Jim Morrison and Jesus; and the Mona Lisa and Lady Gaga.

At Art on the Ridge at 8005 Greenwood Ave. N., these kids couldn’t keep away from the marble and metal sculpture.

And it was opening night for The Olive and Grape at 8516 Greenwood Ave. N., which had a good crowd of diners during the Artwalk. Breadmaker Reykhan Khasanova brought her dough-making skills out into the restaurant for diners to watch.