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Nominate an unsung environmental hero

KIRO 7 and The Trust for Public Land are looking for nominations for your favorite “unsung environmental hero” for the Cox Conserves Heroes award. The deadline for nominations for the award (named for KIRO’s parent company, Cox Enterprises) is 5 p.m. Monday.

Cox Conserves Heroes celebrates people from all walks of life who work to create, preserve, improve or enhance the shared outdoor spaces in our communities. These everyday heroes make our communities better places to live, work and play.
Nominees have restored park property, kept lakes and their neighborhoods clean, developed community gardens, taught the benefits of locally grown food, restored salmon runs, protected farmlands and forests, and created an oasis to enjoy nature. After launching in Western Washington, the program has now expanded to include environmental heroes chosen in Atlanta, New Orleans, San Diego and San Francisco.
The top vote-getter in Western Washington will be awarded $5000 to donate to the environmental nonprofit of her or his choice. Four finalists will receive $1250 to donate to their favorite environmental nonprofit.

More information, and the nomination form, here.