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Follow-up to Monday’s post on car break-ins

On Monday we posted about a car prowler leaving someone else’s CDs behind while breaking into a car on NW 73rd Street. Numerous people commented on that story about other car prowls in the neighborhood, including John, who said his Mini Cooper was stolen that same night, just a few blocks away.

We live just West of 3rd on 73rd. Our 2003 Mini Cooper was stolen last night from our driveway. They left a stolen Honda Accord by our driveway. Not sure how they stole a Mini. It’s dark blue with white stripes and we miss it.

Since then, we’ve also heard from another neighbor just one block from where the Mini Cooper was stolen, saying that someone rifled through her truck that night. And, just a few doors farther down on NW 73rd St., another car was rifled through the same night.
Anyone else in that immediate area have their cars prowled Sunday night/Monday morning?