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Thieves leave someone else’s CD’s behind in car prowl

We received this note this morning about a car break-in:

We live on NW 73 (between 1st and 3rd). My husband accidentally left his car unlocked last night and, as usual, someone rifled through the glove box and console. This has happened to us 3-4 of times since we moved to the neighborhood 8.5 years ago – always due to our own forgetfulness. Usually all that gets taken is some spare change as neither of us leave anything particularly valuable in our cars. What was unusual and a little more scary about this event was that they stole our garage door opener as well as the car’s “owners manual.” Also, very oddly, they left behind a couple music CD’s (Talking Heads, World Party) that aren’t ours. Wierd. We are going to notify the non-emergency police line, but we were just wondering if anyone else experienced any similar activity, or if anyone is missing some CD’s!