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Food & Drink now organized by category

Thanks to popular demand and our mad weak PHP coding skills, we’ve finally figured out how to organize the Food & Drink section into categories to make browsing easier.

See: All | Bars/pubs | Coffee shops | Delicatessens | Restaurants

We could use your help figuring out how to improve this further. We’ve had other suggestions, including highlighting places that are kid-friendly and have outdoor seating. What do you think? Do those categories work for you and are there any others you’d like to see? What would you consider “kid/family-friendly?” And would a place that has a few chairs outside qualify as having outdoor seating, or should we set a certain threshold?

Also, with the addition of a delicatessen category, we’ve added Ken’s Market and the Safeway deli to the section. And an oversight on our part has been corrected with the addition of Espresso Buono Cafe (located inside Couth Buzzard).

Let us know what you think!