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Did you witness a hit-and-run this morning in Greenwood?

Sunnie just sent us a note, hoping someone saw another car hit her parked car this morning:

I’m hoping someone might have witnessed a hit and run accident to my car, which was parked in front of Wayward Coffee on Greenwood Ave N this morning (9/6). I parked there at approximately 10:15am, and when I came outside an hour later, my driver’s side mirror was shattered, my front left tire was completely flat, and my car had scrapes to the body all along the front half of the driver’s side. Someone had helpfully placed my banged-up hubcap and the mirror housing on top of my hood, but nobody stopped to try to contact me or report the accident.
From the paint transfer on my car and the fragmentary evidence left behind (fist-sized pieces of the other guy’s bumper) it appears that it might have been a Yellow Cab. I was sitting near the front window of Wayward and did see a cab do a wild U-turn on Greenwood at around the right time, but I was sitting at the wrong angle to see my own car, so I don’t know for certain that it was the cab and not some other car with a bright yellow bumper. The cab company driver superintendent tells me they have no way to know which of the vehicles it might have been, as most of their 400-vehicle fleet is owner-operated and unlikely to report an accident, and they don’t operate in specific geographical areas, so I’m pretty much out of luck unless someone saw it happen and took note of the cab number.