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Honda stolen from Bitter Lake carport

Christina wrote to tell us that her car was stolen from her carport in Bitter Lake, just north of Greenwood, over the weekend:

We live in Bitter lake, and woke Sunday morning to our Honda Element missing from our driveway. It was stolen from our carport between 10pm Saturday and 8am Sunday. Unfortunately, it is the second car stolen from our driveway in the last two years. Both times, the thieves have been sophisticated enough to by-pass anti-theft devices and have done it in the middle of the night while we were home. Our next step is to install a video and motion-detector system (we’ve had other thefts in addition to the cars and it’s getting ridiculous, so we feel like we need to do more to prevent it).
We’ve notified the police, but thought others might want to know. And, what other steps have people taken to protect their cars/homes/belongings/families?

So, how about it readers? What advice can you offer to keep thieves from stealing your car, especially if you’ve already installed various anti-theft devices?