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Rancho Bravo taco stand opens Monday

Update: Rancho Bravo owner Freddy Rivas just told us that he will open at noon Monday, not Saturday morning as he originally hoped.
Rancho Bravo taco stands is expanding from Wallingford to a new location in north Greenwood. Rancho Bravo will have a trailer and covered eating space in the parking lot of the 76 gas station at the northeast corner of 105th and Greenwood Avenue North.

Owner Freddy Rivas told us today that Rancho Bravo will open Saturday morning Monday at noon. “We’re just about ready to go,” he said, adding that more signs will be coming soon. Hours will be 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. to start, but those may change later, depending on customer demand.
The menu will have tacos starting at $2 (fish tacos are $2.25), burritos starting at $4.25, small quesadillas for $3.75, plus tamales made from scratch, tortes and more. He said Rancho Bravo uses the larger six-inch tortillas. Rancho Bravo also will offer four kinds of hot sauce made fresh daily.
A 10-by-20-foot canopy next to the trailer will provide seating. Rancho Bravo also has a restaurant on Capitol Hill.