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Greenwood Seafair Parade winners

We just realized we forgot to post the winners of the Greenwood Seafair Parade on July 28, so without further ado…
Marcia Brunner Sweepstakes Trophy: The Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team
Band Division:

  • 1st Seattle Schools All City Marching Band
  • 2nd Pacific Northwest (PNW) Drumline
  • 3rd Salvation Army Temple band

Comic (Community) Division: 1st Worshipers in Action Puppeteers
Comic/Novelty Division:

  • 1st Seattle Seafair Clowns
  • 2nd Seattle Seafair Pirates
  • 3rd Pirates of Treasure Island

Equestrian Division:

  • 1st Charros Association of Washington (Mexican Dancing Horses)
  • 2nd Skyriders Equestrian Drill Team

Float Division:

  • 1st Seattle Seafair Commodores
  • 2nd Quality Food Centers (QFC Holman Road)
  • 3rd Big D Towing

Drill Team Jr Division:

  • 1st Baby Dangerettes
  • 2nd Baby Dolls Drill Team
  • 3rd Electronetts Pretty Girls

Drill Team Sr. Division:

  • 1st Dolls Drill Team
  • 2nd Electronetts Hi Steppers Drill Team
  • 3rd Lady Dangerettes Drill Team

Novelty (Community) Division:

  • 1st Bitterlake Pea Patch
  • 2nd Old English Sheepdog Club of Greater Seattle
  • 3rd Sew Up Seattle

Wheeled Division:

  • 1st Woodland Park Zoo
  • 2nd View Ridge Fire Department
  • 3rd Nix Auto Wrecking